Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monkey King

Everybody knows this guy. He's awesome.

Wikipedia says: 
Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, is a main character in the classical Chinese epic novel Journey to the West written by Wu Cheng'en. In the novel, he is a monkey born from a stone who acquires supernatural powers through Taoist practices. After rebelling against heaven and being imprisoned under a mountain by the Buddha, he later accompanies the monk Xuanzang on a journey to retrieve Buddhist sutras from India.

A few years back I did a 4 page comic about the Monkey King 
for the first issue of the german comics anthology Jazam!

I tried to tell the Monkey Kings story from his birth till he was sentenced to 
stay stuck under that big five finger rock (or how it is called). 
After the project I realised that storytelling-wise this was to much for a 4 page comic.
And also I wasn't really good at storytelling I guess.

I have it on my old Deviantart page which needs to be updated someday:


  1. ich liebe den affenkönig...:) super geil...

  2. Danke! Ja ich liebe ihn auch. Von der Geschichte könnte man mal ne Serie produzieren! :)